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Features of rotary furnaces
Edit:   Date: 2017-03-04
1, trolley baking, the introduction of the vehicle to promote, large, saving time and effort, product color consistent, good taste;
2, the special duct design to ensure convection is sufficient to ensure that the furnace temperature distribution evenly, three adjustable adjustable outlet, to adapt to different products, different seasons of baking quality of the special requirements;
3, with automatic ventilation mechanism, open the door when the suction heat, can effectively prevent the hot air blowing face;
4, special furnace outside the ramp design, the door can be opened and closed automatically, taking into account the trolley access and sealing two aspects of insulation requirements;
5, compared with the same yield of the stove has a space-saving, energy saving, saving manpower;
6, three insulation design, less heat loss;
7, fast and slow two wind speed design, so that oven baking different food, by selecting the hot air circulation speed, in order to achieve baking speed and quality of the harmonization;
8, open the door after the automatic positioning to stop, can facilitate the trolley access; close the door after the automatic operation, can improve operational efficiency.
9, with a timing function, easy to control the baking time automatic control;
10, heating system, transmission system, ventilation system, fast wind turbine system has abnormal monitoring device, when the system is abnormal, the operation interface at a glance;