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Application and Advantages of High Temperature Tunnel Furnace
Edit:   Date: 2017-03-06

High temperature tunnel furnace is widely used for baking a chemical gas and food processing industry to bake items, substrate stress removal, ink curing, film drying and so on. Widely used in electronic, electrical, communications, electroplating, plastics, metal chemicals, food, printing, pharmaceutical, PC board, powder, impregnation, spraying, glass, ceramics, wood building materials such as precision baking, drying, Preheating, stereotypes, processing technology.

Advantages of high temperature tunnel furnace:

1. Durable: Because the electric heater is sealed in the box, with the outside air contact surface is small, it is not easy to be oxidized corrosion.

2. Heat cycle: baking objects heated evenly.

3. Electrical control safety Precise and reliable: reasonable structure, effective working area, full function, simple operation, easy maintenance adjustment, low noise, high reliability, low cost, low energy consumption, high production efficiency.

High temperature tunnel furnace is a common tunnel furnace, but with the infrared tunnel furnace production, high temperature tunnel furnace market is gradually narrowing.